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Equipped with heavy duty zippers, scratch-resistant lining, and a large soft-lined dice rolling tray with large walls.


Protect and store your treasure horde of gaming dice in the ENHANCE Dice Storage Case. Beautifully designed with embossed decals and stylish bronze accents, the Dice Storage Case is the perfect addition to your collection of RPG travel accessories. The ENHANCE Dice Storage Case is actually two products in one, with one half safely storing upwards of 150 dice and the other functioning as a large dice tray that can be passed around the gaming table or held onto for personal use. A hard shell reinforced case protects your dice from wear and tear, while the soft lined interior keeps all your dice free from blemishes and unsightly scratches. Your metal dice and unique dice sets will find a permanent and protective home within the ENHANCE Dice Storage Vault. It also features a metal attachment clip for attaching to backpacks and bags, which is fully designed to work with the ENHANCE Adventurer's Bag , the ENHANCE Miniature Figure Carrying Case, and the ENHANCE MTG Card Carrying Case. Our Dice Travel Case is great for Dungeons and Dragons, board games, and various other tabletop RPG games including Pathfinder, Runequest, GURPS, Savage Worlds, and many more. Replace your small dnd dice bags and bulky dice trays with the ENHANCE Dice Case, a solution for all RPG players.

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