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Ivon The Ram and the Raven

Ivon The Ram and the Raven

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Ivion combines the intensity of a fighting game with the strategy of deck-building card games to create an experience unlike any other. In Ivion, your deck IS your character, and you build it from a variety of classes and specializations. Each character type has numerous cards from which to choose, along with wildly different playstyles. Mix and match them to create your own, unique character!

Upon the field of battle, crush your opponent with various strikes, stabs, slashes, spells, and other mayhem at your disposal. Be careful, though, as they have numerous ways to block, dodge, parry, fizzle, and disrupt your assault. Only one can be the victor, and the battle will be bloody!

In Ivion: The Ram and the Raven, protect your clan as the stalwart Steward, or fulfill your oath as the enigmatic Watcher. Fully compatible with all other Ivion products.

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