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Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

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Deep in the heart of the desert, from the far corners of the earth, Archeologists from around the world search for treasure from centuries past...

Treasure hogs is a competitive, fast pace card game where players take on the role of an Archeologist and compete to become the ultimate Treasure Hog. Watch out! Every turn is filled with surprises! Thieves lurk in the shadows and your riches could be stolen at any moment!

In Treasure Hogs, players use resources from their hand each having value ranging from one to three, hogging as many treasures as possible on their turn. The more value used to gain the available treasure, the less chance another player will be able to steal your riches!

Out of turn, you may use one or more Thief cards to steal the active player’s treasure. Once the value has been declared, if your thieves’ combined value is equal or more, shout “OINK!” to steal all the treasure the opposing player was attempting to gain.

When all the treasures are claimed, the player with the most treasure points wins and becomes the Ultimate Treasure Hog!

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