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Galaxy Goldmine

Galaxy Goldmine

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Your mission: mine the asteroid for awesome space treasure! This Galaxy Goldmine game is the out-of-this-world family card game that requires strategic thinking, memory, and a bit of luck. Players take turns exploring the asteroid's 3 layers of cards, full of surprises waiting to be revealed. Players choose from their Tool cards, each featuring a high-tech gadget with a unique capability, to uncover and collect cool space treasure worth points. Players might even find a rare Holomap Fragment leading to the greatest treasure this side of the Milky Way. But watch out for Event cards with pitfalls, aliens, and bandits! When the table draws 3 Black Hole cards, the game ends and the player with the most points wins! Or collect all 3 Holomap Fragment cards to instantly win! Humorously illustrated, this light strategy card game delivers intergalactic fun. And with an eye-catching package and built-in storage, it makes a great travel card game.

SPACE TREASURE-HUNTING CARD GAME: Mine the asteroid for space treasure! In the Galaxy Goldmine game, players rely on a little strategy, memory, and luck as they compete to collect the most cool, shiny stuff

EXPLORE THE ASTEROID WITH HIGH-TECH TOOLS: Grab that Glowtorch! Playing as a treasure-mining bot, strategically select the right Tool card to uncover and claim treasure, artifacts, and Lost Tools

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