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Uno: Pixar

Uno: Pixar

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UNO, the card matching game everyone loves, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pixar with a special edition deck and decorative tin! This unique version comes with images from favorite movies of the last quarter century on every card and on the collector’s tin! A special rule distinguishes this UNO deck -the Pixar Pop Quiz, included on 4 wild cards. The person who plays this card chooses any other player and asks them to name a Pixar movie. The player holding the wild card must name as many characters from that movie as they can (up to five characters). The other player then must draw one card for every character named correctly! Like classic UNO, players match cards by color or number and play action cards like Skip, Reverse and Wild Draw Four to shake up the competition. Players score points by being the first to get rid of all the cards in their hand and when they’re down to one card, before the story ends, they must shout “UNO!” The game is for ages 7 years and older; because 2 to 10 can play at once, it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy together. Colors and decorations may vary.

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